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Chicago GED® Test Sites

The State of Illinois College Board recognizes and supports adults wishing to improve their educational status via the General Educational Development (GED®) Tests, and offers several local Chicago GED test sites. To register for the GED in the State of Illinois individuals must visit the GED Test site at Accommodations are afforded to individuals with a documented learning, physical or emotional disability at the testing site. For more information about requesting these accommodations, visit

For more information on taking the GED test within Cook County, Illinois, please refer to the Illinois Community College Board at

In the Chicago area, the best place to get started is with a local adult education center. The teachers at your local center will offer you free help to learn about the test, study for the test, and pass every section. They’ll help you every step of the way as you complete your high school equivalency diploma.

Enter your ZIP code above, contact your local center, and get started!