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New York GED® Test Sites

In 2014, New York State and NYC GED® test sites changed over to a new high school equivalency test, the Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASCTM). The TASC is now the standard high school equivalency exam in the state of New York, and has been since January 2014, when the state declared the TASC the “primary pathway to a New York High School Equivalency Diploma.”

According to the New York State High School Equivalency Office, those who took the New York GED test anywhere in the state, including NYC GED test sites, can still apply their passing GED sub-test scores (410 or above), to the completion of a New York High School Equivalency Diploma. Up to four passed GED subtests taken in 2012-2013 can be applied toward the HSE program through the end of 2015. If all five GED subtests have been passed, but the candidate did not achieve a score of 2250, the candidate must pass at least one TASC subtest in order to receive a high school equivalency diploma.

The GED is still offered at several sites throughout New Jersey, but New York residents are not eligible to take the New Jersey GED exam. According to the GED’s official policy, New Jersey candidates must prove they are state residents in order to take the exam.

For more information on the TASC, including New York and NYC high school equivalency exam test sites, refer to our New York TASC Test Site Page.

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