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Family and friends celebrating with recent graduates

I felt embarrassed to come back to school. But eventually I knew it was for a bigger goal.

Santiago let the wrong company prevent him from graduating high school. His father always encouraged him to finish school, and eventually he took his advice. With the support of Santiago’s father and his own son, he went back and received his high school diploma.

Santiago Age 38 when he set the same example for his son that his dad set for him.

My graduation is something I will never forget.

Jessica’s mother was deported when she was younger and the stress took over her education. As an adult, her husband encouraged her to go back to school. Now she has her high school diploma and can provide better opportunities for her family.

Jessica Age 24 when she finished her diploma and got back lost time.

It felt very different from high school. I did not feel like I was alone.

Faith stopped attending high school at the age of 15. She found excuses to not go back and finish her diploma—until her grandfather was diagnosed with cancer. To honor him, she signed up for classes and worked hard to show him the milestone she had reached.

Faith Earned her diploma and made her grandfather proud.

It takes a village to help someone get their diploma.

Trouble at home kept Nia from getting her diploma in high school. But eventually her godmother stepped in to help, and with the support she always wanted, Nia was finally able to get her diploma.

Nia At age 24, received her diploma with her godmother’s support.
Man smiling with his high school diploma

The best part of the classes was the people…You’re not out there alone.

Jesus dropped out of school when he was just a teen. Later, the birth of his daughter gave him the push he needed to make a change for the better. He decided to finish his diploma, and now he has a career that allows him to support his family the way he wants to.

Jesus As an adult, he showed his daughter that if he can do it, so can she.

I wasn’t sure I could do it… but the teachers and counselors, they help you.

The fear of going back to school at Marco’s age was all too real for him. But a kindhearted instructor saw his potential and encouraged him to give it his all. On graduation day Marco held his diploma high and dedicated the moment to his instructor.

Marco Age 47 when his hard work and mentor’s support paid off.
  • Your Success is Their Success

    A parent's reading level is the biggest indicator of their child's academic success, more than environment and income.

    Source: ProLiteracy

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    More career options for people with high school diplomas than for people without one.

    Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 

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